Kate’s Accomplishments

Support for Staff:

  • Advocated for one-time retention payments with stimulus funding.
  • Increased wages and protected benefits for educators and staff.
  • Sponsored resolution to “Grow Our Own” teachers and staff.
  • Sponsored resolution to develop a teacher appreciation program.

Technology and Broadband:

  • Advocated for significantly increased technology support for families during remote learning.
  • Sponsored “All Systems Go: A Computer Science Community Initiative for Santa Fe,” creating the most comprehensive CS program in the State.
  • Advocated for increased broadband access and partnership with the City of Santa Fe.


  • Sponsored “Solarize Santa Fe” resolution which offers solar power generation access to SFPS employees.
  • Supported increasing solar power generation at SFPS facilities.
  • As Board President, eliminated plastic water bottle use at School Board meetings.

Building Community, Equity, and Diversity:

  • Sponsored resolution adopting community schools framework for SFPS.
  • Sponsored resolution to “Enhance Equity and Excellence” while reimagining our schools.
  • Initiated an ‘Acknowledgement of Tribal Land’ at all Board Meetings. 

Increasing Relevance:

  • Advocated for an entrepreneurial training program in middle school (it’s doing great!).
  • Coordinated information sharing and collaboration among community partners.